About Mims Signs...

Mims Signs was established in Jackson, Mississippi in 1912. C.M. Mims, Sr. started the business lettering office doors and windows with a box of paints and homemade brushes in downtown Jackson. His two sons, Buddy and Ben, learned from him growing up in the business.

After WWII, the sons came home from the military and the business did well. Computer technology and digital imaging changed the business dramatically over the next few years.

Decades have passed since the sign box days. Many lessons have been learned. Mims Signs recently moved to Montana, truly the last best place. All of the values, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and original designs came as well.

Experience, real talent, knowledge of the industry, and personal service still exist here. Contact Charles Mims today.

C.M. Mims, Sr. 1942